Hiking in the Maumturks last Sunday took in Cruiscín, Mullach Glas, Binn Mhór. This is the view from one of them but don’t ask me which one. I had to just google to find out where we’d hiked! I lovvvvve hill walking but wouldn’t make the best of leaders. And that’s putting it mildly. Wouldn’t find my way out of an open door 🙂

    And Thank You!

    Thank you Aoife & Joe Bergin for your card! It’s always lovely to receive such kind words. And always much appreciated! You were a dream couple to work with & it was my pleasure x

    Wedding Planning Tips

    These are a few tips that I’ve learned along the way & I hope they can help you:

    • Bride – don’t wear a bra on the morning of your wedding – the straps will leave a mark.
    • Groom – arrive at your ceremony venue at least 30 mins before scheduled ceremony time – to greet guests & meet celebrant(s).
    • Bride – Don’t be the last in line for makeup and hair.  If the schedule slips, you may end up feeling stressed & are less likely to enjoy the morning preps & conversations.
    • Allow at least 4hrs (plus travel time) between your ceremony start time & your meal time.
    • There will always be last minute guest cancellations – due to illness & child minding issues, so bear that in mind when estimating meal numbers.
    • Allow ample time for preparations.  The more people that are involved, the more interaction there will be, and the longer everything will take.
    • Bride – If the dress has lots of hooks & loops, it will take 20-30 mins to get dressed.  Allow time for it!
    • Bride – Try & adhere to the time plan that you’ve discussed with your photographer.  If you’ve promised to be dressed by 11am, but you’re still having your hair done at that time, chances are you won’t get (all) the shots you wanted.
    • If you’d rather not have your wedding images posted to Facebook/Twitter before you’re seated for your meal, think about communicating it to your guests beforehand.
    • You’ve invested in professionals on the day, so don’t fret, sit back & let them get on with it.
    • Allow time to chat & relax on the morning.  So leave gaps between each task.  e.g. Her: hair – makeup – getting dressed.  Him: showering – car ribbons – getting dressed.
    • Remember to Eat!  It’s a long time from breakfast until dinner time!  So if it’s practical, pack food to have after the ceremony.
    • Have realistic expectations about your images.  If your venue or house don’t have a sweeping staircase, then you won’t be able to get that shot!
    • Consider doing an engagement shoot before the big day.  As well as giving you an opportunity to work with your photographer, it will be a practice session for you both & should put you more at ease on your wedding day.
    • If you’re having a winter wedding, chances are it will be cold even on a sunny day, so your time outdoors will be limited.
    • It’s okay to be emotional.  A lot of energy has gone into planning this day, so expect tears.  Allow yourself some time & space.
    • Groom – wearing a suit of your own or a well-tailored & fitted suit looks very smart & will look great in your images.
    • Groom – remind your best man to take possession & care of the rings!

    All the best,


    Canon 100mm Macro Lens

    ISO3200 100mm f/2.8 1/100sec
    ISO3200 100mm f/2.8 1/160sec










    ISO3200 100mm f/2.8 1/200sec
    ISO3200 100mm f/2.8 1/800sec









    Just testing out the Canon 100mm macro f2.8L lens. So far, so good. It has a really fast focus & really sharp images. I look forward to playing with this some more!

    Muffin, our kitty kindly modelled.  She’s Miss June in the Galway Cat Rescue calendar for 2017.

    How to create a photographer shortlist

    There are so many photographers out there, I don’t know where to start!

    I hear this often, so I’ve compiled a brief list of pointers, which will help you create a shortlist:

      1. Do you like what you see? Take the time to look through image galleries to make sure that you like the photographer’s style & don’t just take someone else’s word for it. Photographers are like wedding dresses; no two are the same & what suits one may not suit another.
      2. Look for authentic testimonials. What do most of us do if we’re happy with something? Yes, nothing. Good service is what we expect for our hard earned cash. So if someone has made the effort to personally thank a provider, then expectations were exceeded. And a sign of an authentic testimonial is if it’s accompanied with an image.
      3. Hire an accredited photographer e.g. a member of the IPPA (Irish Professional Photographers Association). Why? Because you are guaranteed to be working with a qualified, insured & accountable professional photographer. For those reasons alone, your risk of running into problems are minimised but in the unlikely event that you do, you may get the support of the organisation to help you resolve your issue, rather than hiring an expensive legal representative.

    New look website!

    Yey – My updated website is now live!

    It’s taken a few weeks but must say it’s good to have the first draft of it up & running. I may make tweaks & add sections but it’s good to have a new look & feel & most importantly “a responsive” (aka mobile friendly) website.

    Be sure to take a look at my new “Real Weddings” section.

    Take care,

    Welcome to my blog

    Printf(“Hello World\n”);

    Can’t get away from the coding days, where a ‘Hello World’ was always the first test message 🙂

    I intend to update this blog regularly with all things photography & maybe even the occasional non-photography post.

    If at any time you’d like advice on anything relating to your wedding day or portrait shoot please drop me a line & I will endeavour to answer it here.

    All the best,