Isioma & Adrian – Engagement Shoot

    Engagement Shoot

    SPECIAL OFFER: I’m currently offering to do a pre-wedding shoot with couples & it’s included with all packages at no extra charge.

    It’s purpose is two-fold. First, it should be really beneficial to have a practise run & I’ll guide you with poses. And if you have a good/bad side (it’s not a myth!) it’s good to find out before your wedding day 🙂 Secondly, it builds rapport between us so you should be more comfortable being photographed on your big day.

    In addition to that, I’ll also give you all images in high resolution so you can use them how you please. If you do your shoot in good time, you can even use them for your invites!

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    Siobhan & John Enda

    Ballynahinch Castle has to be one of the most beautiful venues in the West of Ireland, if not the country.

    The grounds have that same feel of serenity that the islands have. Maybe it’s because its beauty is breaktaking & makes people take stock. Either way, I love it!

    Siobhan & John Enda had their gorgeous intimate family wedding there recently.

    Thank you for inviting me into your day & trusting me with your photography.

    Ballynahinch Church, Ballynahinch Castle, Conemara, Co. Galway

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    Church: Ballynahinch Church
    Wedding Venue: Ballynahinch Castle, Co Galway
    MUA: Fiona Coyne

    Rose Of Tralee

    I had the pleasure of meeting & photographing Rachel Gibbons, the lovely Mayo Rose for 2018 in my studio last week.
    The competition sounds like a brilliant experience, so I hope you enjoy it to its fullest & wishing you all the best of luck in the competition Rachel.

    Rachel Gibbons – Mayo Rose 2018

    Cora & Aonghus – images preview

    I love the Irish islands & especially the Galway ones (so much so that I married on one of them myself)

    Cora & Aonghus had their wonderful day on Inish Mor, amongst family & friends on one of the nicest days of the year. The island & everything on it looked glorious.

    It’s hard to be anything other than relaxed on the islands so on this day I had to remind myself that I was working!

    It was a real pleasure to be part of your day guys & thank you so much for having me.

    Kilronan Church & Aran Islands Hotel, Inish Mor, Aran Islands, Co Galway

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    Church: Kilronan Church
    Wedding Venue: Aran Islands Hotel, Inish Mor, Co Galway
    Hair by: Louise
    MUA: Anne-Marie Fahy
    Musicians for the day & night: Kayla McDonagh – find her on Kayla’s website & on Facebook

    A perspective on your wedding budget

    Your wedding budget

    I’ve often seen articles with such a long list of wedding must-haves, that it almost makes me feel anxious & I’m long since married.

    When I was in my twenties I started to organise a holiday with my then boyfriend. During the planning, my sister & her friend somehow wrangled their way onto our holiday & before I knew it, I was organising a 3 week train trekking tour through Europe & beyond. My sister & her friend then dropped out of the holiday. So now it was just back to the two of us, my boyfriend & I going on holiday. We literally raced (he was on a tight schedule & had to get back home a week sooner than me) by train all the way through Europe & into Yugoslavia & it was there we wondered how had we ended up in this place, when all we’d wanted was a short flight to a week in the sun.

    All that racing around made it a pretty miserable holiday but it did teach me a lesson & that is – not to get diverted by other people’s plans. Decide for yourself what it is you want & it will be easier to stick to your guns.

    I’m still learning but I’m better now at recognising when I’m being diverted away from my original intention or plan. People usually mean well but when they’re offering ‘advice’, what they’re really often doing is describing how they would do it for their own wedding or party or whatever. And you are not them.

    So, I’d say:
    • Decide what your priorities are, not what you feel is expected or what your friends did or what someone on a forum recommended. Unless you have an unlimited budget you’ll probably find it difficult to do everything you’d like to do. But the good news is that when you stop & think about it, you’ll discover that you’re not really all that concerned about a number of items. There’s no right or wrong & each couple will have their own “must have” list.
    • For instance here’s our own wedding spend breakdown
    o 25% Venue
    o 20% Photographer
    o 17% Flights & accommodation on honeymoon. €k’s spent while there not included in calcs.
    o 7% Bride & groom wedding rings/bands
    o 6% Priest donation & church fees
    o 5% Flower girl, pageboy, shoes, bridal accessories
    o 3% Bride’s dress
    o 3% Groom’s purchased suit
    o 3% DJ
    If it’s not on the list we either didn’t have it, else it came in under 3% of total spend.

    So, my advice is, decide what you both want for your wedding day. If you make a list of things you do & don’t want it may be easier to stay focused & not get distracted by others & their plans for your day.

    Shauna & Kevin – images preview

    Shauna & Kevin came home from NY to marry last weekend. And what a weekend it was. Glorious sunshine surrounded by family & friends.

    They struck a lovely balance on their day of excitement, love & serenity.

    It was a real pleasure to be part of your day guys & thank you so much for having me.

    Glenlo Abbey
    Glenlo Abbey

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    Church: Furbo Church Wedding Venue: Glenlo abbey, Galway City Wedding Co-ordinator: Cathy Melia MUA: Anne-Marie Fahy