New look website!

    Yey – My updated website is now live!

    It’s taken a few weeks but must say it’s good to have the first draft of it up & running. I may make tweaks & add sections but it’s good to have a new look & feel & most importantly “a responsive” (aka mobile friendly) website.

    Be sure to take a look at my new “Real Weddings” section.

    Take care,

    Welcome to my blog

    Printf(“Hello World\n”);

    Can’t get away from the coding days, where a ‘Hello World’ was always the first test message 🙂

    I intend to update this blog regularly with all things photography & maybe even the occasional non-photography post.

    If at any time you’d like advice on anything relating to your wedding day or portrait shoot please drop me a line & I will endeavour to answer it here.

    All the best,