With years of experience shooting weddings I can offer advice on a plethora of wedding topics.  But it’s also good to hear from newly weds, who’ve been through what you’re going through.  Here are some of their thoughts.

Do you have a top tip either specific or general about the day?

  • “The best piece of advice we received was to decide what was important to us, focus on that and not worry about anything else. We decided the most important thing was to have as many of the people we loved from around the world celebrate with us and went from there.”
  • “Enjoy every single second of the day because it just flies by.”
  • “I wouldn’t get so stressed out about table plans.”
  • “Just enjoy every min as it will go by in a flash. Oh & do hire a videographer as well as a photographer. I very nearly didn’t until friends told me I’d regret it. It was lovely to be able to look back at both & see our guests enjoying the day.”
  • “Don’t skip breakfast. I didn’t manage much with nerves that morning which meant I was starving by the time we arrived at the hotel. Meant I wasted valuable time with the finger food when I should have been mingling with guests.”
  • “Do have a full MUA & hair trial & if you’re not happy with either don’t be afraid to shop around.”
  • “Leave plenty of time to get ready on the morning.  I thought I’d loads of time but turns out I hadn’t & I can’t remember a lot of the day. I think it was because of the rush to the church in the morning.”
  • “Don’t be pressured by friends/family members into doing or having certain things on your wedding day. Stick to what’s important to you.  The day goes too quickly to be fussing around with unimportant stuff.”
  • “Don’t worry about the small things on the day. No-one else notices them!”
  • “Unless you’re selling your wedding dress, don’t worry about it getting dirty. If it’s like most, it will sit in a wardrobe for eternity. So, walk on the beach & get those pictures, even if it means getting sand on it!”
  • “If you get lipstick on your dress on the morning, don’t fuss about it.  I lost 45mins trying to remove a stain that no-one else even noticed.  I could have been sipping champagne in the time wasted.”
  • “Don’t panic about anything on the day.  Unless it’s serious, there are loads of people willing to help & nothing is going to go ahead without you.”
  • “Be selfish & enjoy yourselves.  Let others worry about others dietary needs & the like & get into conversations with your family & friends. I spent so much time fretting about others back at the hotel that I didn’t get a minute to relax & put my feet up.”
  • “Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!”