I was looking for this Inishmore, Aran Island wedding this morning. I’d meant to post it shortly after Cora & Aonghus’ wedding.  I even had the images in a folder ready to go but for the life of me I can’t find them online so now they are finally getting aired.

Their wedding anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks so maybe it’s good timing.

How I would love to  be on Inishmore right now.  My own wedding anniversary is this week & we also got married on a Galway island so I have nothing but good memories of island weddings.

Cora & Aonghus had a mighty day. The weather was fab & every time I step onto an Irish island I feel like I’ve taken a relaxation pill.  It seems to be the same for everyone & I don’t think that island feeling can be mimicked on the mainland.  I don’t know whether it’s the lack of broadband or the fresh air but whatever it is, it’s magic!

Can’t wait to go back, cycle over & back to Dun Aengus & enjoy a pint of the black stuff outside of Ti Joe Watty’s.

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