A morning walk has always been part of my daily routine but in the first lockdown, when we had to stay within our 2km I was forced to choose a new walk.

Then the restrictions expanded to allow a 5km radius but the promenade in Salthill, my old stomping ground, became very busy with pedestrians so I had to re-invent my walk.  Either that or risk getting knocked down – as I often wandered into a busy road just to keep my 2m distance!

So by chance, after many years in our current home I found a beautiful canal walk, leading to the sea. It’s tranquil, mostly without traffic & every inch is a sight for sore eyes.

These were taken yesterday morning.  The first is my favourite image, which was taken 40 mins after the others.  The reflections in the Claddagh Basin were lovely when I arrived but by the time I’d walked out to Mutton Island & back (40 mins) the clouds had moved in & the scene was even more dramatic than before.

I know it in my bones that landscape photography requires patience & dedication in bucket loads. I don’t have those qualities but yesterday I got lucky!