We’re not big holiday goers.  It’s not that we don’t like holidays but they take a bit of planning, which takes a bit of time & therefore it gets put on the long finger.

There was a good deal of talk in advance of our Canada trip & we finally got to go last year on 1st September & we flew home this day, 9/11 last year.  That’s the way the dates worked for us & I remember the flight prices took a dip on our return date.  I was slightly hesitant about booking but all went without a glitch.

We had a wonderful time in Banff.  If you like mountains, then you’ll love the Rockies in Banff.  We hiked for 4 of our days there & had a fab experience & time there.

I don’t know where that year went but now that our anniversary has just passed, it’s probably time I looked through & edited the images from that trip ?