1. Bride – Go no later than second for makeup & hair.  If you’re left until the end & the schedule slips, you may end up feeling stressed & are less likely to enjoy the morning preps & conversations. (This is a biggie & I’ve elaborated on this in another article)

2. There will always be last minute guest cancellations – due to illness & child minding issues, so bear that in mind when estimating meal numbers.

3. Bride – go braless on the wedding morning, or the straps may leave a mark.

4. Allow ample time for preparations.  The more people that are involved, the more interaction there will be, and the longer everything will take.

5. Bride – If the dress has lots of hooks & loops, it will take 20-30 mins to get dressed.  Allow time for it!

6. Remember to Eat!  It’s a long time from breakfast until dinner time!  So if it’s practical, pack food to have after the ceremony.

7. Consider doing an engagement shoot before the big day.  As well as giving you an opportunity to work with your photographer, it will be a practice session for you both & should put you more at ease on your wedding day.

8. If you’re having a winter wedding schedule the ceremony earlier than usual to take advantage of the daylight.  And chances are it will be cold even on a sunny day, so your time outdoors will be limited.

9. Groom – wearing a suit of your own or a well-tailored & fitted suit looks very smart & will look great in your images.

10. To make best use of your photo time consider 2 photo shoot locations; 1 with all of your bridal party & another one for just the two of you.  If this isn’t possible, do the bridal party shots & then let them off so that you have a little privacy for a few couples shots.

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