Yey! It’s been a long road but finally a milestone has been reached!  With the lockdown I thought it was the perfect time to give some long overdue attention to my website SEO i.e. improve how I’m found on google & other browser searches.  Then there was ‘mission creep’ & a website overhaul began.

Many moons ago I was a software engineer but with very little (zilch) knowledge or experience of web design but I thought ‘how hard can it be?’.  VERY as it turns out.  There’s been a steep learning curve but I’ve finally gotten enough together to release phase 1.

Now that I have a little idea of what I’m doing, it should be easier to add more content in future.  Over the coming weeks, I’ll add more sections & links to weddings & venues that I’ve covered.

It also means I’ll have more time to get back to updating my social media.

If you do notice any problems or glitches with the new website please do let me know.  But, it’s thank you old & hello new 🙂

I hope you enjoy navigating the new look.

Deirdre 🙂