There are traditional & storybook album styles* & choosing between them is really down to personal choice.  Some couples like the idea of having an album in the same style as their parents’ albums, while others prefer the contemporary look & feel of the storybook.


There’s great enjoyment & freedom in the way I design storybooks.  I create your bespoke album design around the images you’ve selected for your album & because I don’t use templates, the images really flow from page to page to tell your story.  I believe that someone who wasn’t at your wedding could really feel they were there as they look through your album.


For me, part of the storytelling is to capture ‘empty’ images.  I’m sure people sometimes wonder why I’ve taken or included certain images into their online gallery but hopefully it makes sense when they see their album!  When I say empty images, what I really mean is images without people or obvious objects, like the dress, rings & flowers.  They’ll often be landscape images from locations such as the bride’s house, church or venue.  I’ll then use these as backdrop images on a page.  With each turn of the page, your images will glide you through your day & you can relive it all over again.


My studio is within walking distance of Galway city (it’s beside the main university hospital, UCHG) so you’re always welcome to call in for a chat to discuss your wedding photography & have a look through more sample albums & images.


Looking forward to hearing from you!

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*Traditional albums present photograph’s behind a mount or window whereas images in a storybook are flush on the page.[envira-gallery id=”874″]