The demand for albums is high & the strong preference has moved to the storybook digital contemporary style albums.  Your parents probably have what is now referred to as the traditional style album.

“What’s the difference?” you may ask.  The traditional style is where the photograph is displayed behind a mount much like a framed image.  Whereas, the entire double spread in the contemporary storybook is photographic paper & the images appear flush on the page.

The move towards the contemporary maybe inspired by the ability to be creative with the image placements & page colours.

It’s not easy to describe something visual so I’ve photographed & included below are pages of each of my sample albums.

I’ve placed them in descending order of popularity, so starting with the most popular Collection 3, the storybook, size 12″x12″ which opens out to a 24″ wide spread x 12″ high.  Next is the Collection 4, the larger storybook 16″x12″ which opens out to a 32″ wide spread x 12″ high.  Following those are the two traditional albums.

Collection 4 – Storybook 12×12 (contemporary style)

Collection 5 – Storybook 16×12 (contemporary style)

Collection 3 – Tony Sarlo Album (traditional style)

Collection 2 – Mario Album (traditional style)

Collection 1 is the Digital files without an album.

Note: All album collections include the supply of all high resolution digital files.