A wedding morning story

On your wedding morning, it’s typical for more people to be around than on an average morning when you’re getting ready. And the more people that are around, the longer things take to get done & the more craic & chats to be had!

It’s a great idea to have your makeup artist (MUA) & hairdresser come to you.  If so, they’ll arrive very early, especially if there are several other “faces” – bridesmaids & mothers to get ready.

In my experience there are 2 very good reasons to be ready early.  And they both have the same benefit of ensuring you have a good morning.  And if starts well, it’s likely to go well!

Reason 1.

Let’s assume you’re having a 1pm church wedding & the church is only down the road. You won’t need to leave the house until say 12:50pm but your photographer/videographer will need to leave your house at 12 noon for the church, to do some setting up & get some shots of the groom & his groomsmen.

So, if they need to leave your house at 12noon, they will arrive to your house at approx. 11am.  Ideally you’ll be fully dressed by 11:30am for some lovely bridal portraits & some with bridesmaids & family. It needn’t take long, but you will need to be fully ready.

Remember, if your dress has a bustle then it could take as long as 20 mins to dress. Also, allow time for toilet breaks, lippy top up & a chat with the girls. It’s great to leave enough time to enjoy & take in everything that’s going on.

Note: And it’s you alone that really needs to be ready for the photos. Everyone else can be got later if not now.

Reason 2.

Assume you have no photographer or videographer coming to your house. Okay, so that gives you a bit of extra time & you don’t have to be ready quite so early.

But if you’re having your hair & makeup done say second last, you may start to get a little anxious when everyone else is ready & you aren’t. Invariably the schedule will slip & you could end up clock watching instead of enjoying the banter going on around you.

If you’re last to get ready, you may end up feeling rushed & not enjoy the morning preparations to their fullest.  And if you’re stressed, you’re likely to remember less later.

TIP: Ensure you’re no later than second on the hair & makeup schedules. Once hair & makeup is done, you can relax knowing you only have to put your dress on. This should give you ample time for chats, packing your hotel bag, wearing perfume, deciding on jewelry & all those other little odd jobs.

P.S. It’s a good idea to allow time too for eventualities like stubborn zips & buckles.